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#113: Wayward Son

posted 20th Jan 2012, 9:07 AM

#113: Wayward Son
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Fu's Notes

20th Jan 2012, 9:07 AM


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Aww yeah, we're back in action baby. So this is gonna be the page-size from now on, I have so much more room to play around with layout-wise, not to mention I can squeeze more happening into a single page.

The catch is I will be updating weekly, on Fridays. Quality over quantity, they say.

This page might be a bit wonky since I was still gettin used to the Cintiq. This page was actually the first thing I drew with it. Or well, started drawing it, took me almost a week to finish.


20th Jan 2012, 10:12 AM


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oh man i have so little idea what's happening in this page. still awesome though

20th Jan 2012, 12:47 PM

Em Kultra

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Oh my god I'm in love with that transition to nightmare. The flop over the panel line, the bird to the eye, the bouncing head...

You really have an amazing grasp of composition and flow :D

20th Jan 2012, 1:28 PM


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I can’t believe I’m saying this but your already-awesome art has been improving man!

20th Jan 2012, 1:54 PM

Ryan C.

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Bird to the face!

20th Jan 2012, 2:09 PM


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I was a little confused at first. o_o I was all ohnoshekilledhimaaaaaanowhe'sfallingintoamouthwhatisgoingon

But then I realized I was probably reading it too fast. 8I And now it makes sense. Love the second panel and the teeth at the bottom.

20th Jan 2012, 2:14 PM


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22nd Jan 2012, 12:44 AM


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Whoa, that person isn't even grey.

Not grey in the slightest.

26th Jan 2012, 8:10 PM


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